Keynote Speakers

Keynote Session 1

Beyond Connectivity: The Art of Smart Measurement with IoT

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT), the narrative has shifted from mere connectivity to harnessing intelligent data interpretation. “Beyond Connectivity: The Art of Smart Measurement with IoT” delves into this transformative progression, emphasizing the nuanced art of insightful data measurement and analysis. While the foundational premise of IoT revolves around interconnecting devices, its true potential lies in the ability to gather, measure, and interpret vast amounts of data in real-time.

This talk explores how we empower IoT platform to not just collect data from sensors but also understand data, leading to actionable insights. By transcending basic connectivity, we venture into an era where IoT devices become proactive decision-makers, optimizing processes, predicting trends, and enhancing user experiences. Through a blend of case studies, technological evaluations, and future projections, this topic underscores the pivotal role of smart measurement in realizing the full promise of IoT.

Dr. Mazlan Abbas

Dr. Mazlan is the CEO and co-founder of FAVORIOT Sdn Bhd, an IoT company. He is a recognized thought leader in the IoT industry, having been listed as a top 50 influencer by several organizations. He has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, including as a CEO of REDtone IOT, a senior director at MIMOS Berhad, and various senior management positions at CELCOM. Dr. Mazlan has also worked as a professor at several universities in Malaysia and is currently an Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Information Science and Technology, MMU. He holds a BEE from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, an MSc in Telematics from the University of Essex, and a Ph.D. in Telecommunications from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He is a frequent speaker at IoT, IR 4.0, Smart Cities, and telco conferences and serves on the Industry Advisory Panel for several universities. He is also a TEDx Speaker and has received an Honorary Doctorate in Electrical Engineering from UTHM.

Keynote Session 2

Personalised Healthcare Technology using Miniature, Low-cost, Portable, Electronic Sensors

Low-cost sensors have revolutionized healthcare monitoring by offering affordable and accessible solutions for individuals to track various health parameters. These sensors range from heart rate and temperature sensors found in wearables to glucose monitors for diabetics, enabling real-time monitoring of vital health metrics.
They support early detection of health issues, assist in managing chronic conditions, and facilitate remote patient monitoring, contributing to telemedicine advancements.
This talk will describe the latest trends in sensing for healthcare, with a focus on continuous glucose monitoring, IoT-Enabled Healthcare, Biosensors and Lab-on-a-Chip and Point-of-Care Testing. Personalized healthcare using sensors represents a paradigm shift in the medical field, moving from a one-size-fits-all approach to a more precise and individualized model of care. These trends place an emphasis on
improving patient care, diagnosis, and treatment through data-driven insights and remote monitoring. This a promising approach to improving healthcare outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs. Although there are some concerns regarding data accuracy, security, and privacy these technologies have the potential to empower
individuals to take control of their health and well-being.

Prof. Dr. Anis Nurashikin Nordin


Professor Dr. Anis Nurashikin Nordin is a Microelectronics engineer and researcher at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She obtained her B. Eng. in Computer Engineering from IIUM and both her MSc and Doctor of Science in Microelectronics and VLSI from The George Washington University, Washington DC in 2003 and 2008 respectively. She has been teaching courses in Electronics Engineering at IIUM since 2003. She has extensive international collaborative networks and has served as an invited researcher for Linkoping University, Sweden, City College of New York, USA, Griffith University, Australia and University of Twente, Holland. Her area of specialization is in the field of Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (MEMS). She has received both international and local grants to fund her research. Her current research is in the field of biosensors among them a dengue sensor, impedance sensor for drug screening and strain sensor for hand gestures. Her other devices include micro-resonators, micro-sensors, energy harvesters and supercapacitors. Her innovations have been well received and have been awarded gold and silver medals in both international and local exhibitions such as IENA in Nuremberg, British Invention Show in London. She currently holds two US-patents. She has received several awards in recent years namely the Leaders in Innovation Fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineering, United Kingdom and the Top Research Scientist Malaysia in 2020.