Welcome to ICSIMA 2022

The 8th IEEE International Conference On Smart Instrumentation, Measurement and Application

ICSIMA 2022 is the 8th issue of the International Conference on Smart Instrumentation, Measurement and Application. The conference will be organized in the historical city of Malacca, Malaysia, on 27 -28 September 2022, which will be held at the Hatten Hotel Melaka. More information on the hotel can be found here. The technical programme of ICSIMA 2022 will feature plenary, regular and special/invited sessions. Original contributions are invited in the general area of instrumentation, measurement, control and its application. The complete list of the topic of interest can be found in our scope.


ICSIMA 2022 will be submitted to IEEE Explore with much more adding on to its début since its last events in ICSIMA 2013, ICSIMA 2014 , ICSIMA 2015ICSIMA 2017, ICSIMA 2018ICSIMA 2019 and  ICSIMA 2021 which already in IEEE Explore. Deriving more from industry experience and collaborative networking, ICSIMA 2022 brings forth firsthand experience from all continents around the world and provides a mutually beneficial platform for the West and the East.

The Organizer:

The International Conference on Smart Instrumentation, Measurement and Application (ICSIMA) is the flagship event of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Malaysia Chapter (IEEE IMS). ICSIMA‘s Technical Committee adds values and virtues to their skills while attending to delegates’ responses and queries diligently. Participation in our event will equip one with an unforgettable learning experience, as we are on our way to hosting more international events bearing the flag of the major IEEE Societies’.

The Scope:

Original contributions are invited in the general area of instrumentation, measurement, control and its application. The topic of interest are (but not limited to) Metrology, Optical Instrumentation, Ultrasonic Instrumentation, Bioengineering and Biology system, Medical Instrumentation, Non-Invasive Measurement Techniques and Instrumentation, Imaging Instrumentation and Tomography, Industrial Process Instrumentation, Energy and Power Systems Instrumentation, Software Development for Measurement and Instrumentation Support, Techniques Related to Instrumentation, Signal & Image Processing Techniques, Smart Sensor & Transducers, Data Acquisition Systems and Techniques, Data Fusion, Fault Diagnosis, Measurement and Instrumentation for Industrial Applications, Measurement and Instrumentation related to Healthcare Systems, Measurement of Electric and Magnetic Quantities, Measurement of Materials and Mechanical Quantities, Measurement Systems and Theory, Real Time Measurement Systems, Virtual Instrumentation, Virtual Measurement Systems, Emerging Methods for Measuring, Wireless Sensors Measurement Systems, Instrumentation System, Process Automation, Intelligent Control, Manufacturing Systems.


Keynote Speaker 1:

Prof. Ts. Dr. Massila Kamalrudin

Keynote Speaker 2:

Dr. Hairi Zamzuri

Keynote Speaker 3:

Dr. Daniel Watzenig