IEEE ICSIMA 2019 Workshop

Prof. Celia Shahnaz, IEEE SIGHT

Celia Shahnaz received Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering from Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada, in 2009. Currently she is serving as a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, BUET, from where she received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in 2000 and 2002, respectively. Dr. Celia is a senior member of IEEE, a fellow of IEB and has published more than 120 international journal and conference papers. Dr. Shahnaz was a recipient of the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship for pursuing Ph.D. study in Canada in 2004. She is the recipient of Bangladesh-Academy of Science gold model for her contribution in science and Engineering in Bangladesh.  She is the mentor of 2nd prize winning project in the IEEE IAS CMD Robotics Contest 2018, USA and that of 1st prize winning project in the Category HEALTH FACILITY in IEEE IAS CMD Humanitarian Project Contest 2017, USA. She is the supervisor of 5th rank winning team in Signal processing cup (SPCUP) competition in ICASSP 2015, Australia. Recently, her papers have received best paper award of biomedical Engineering track at TENCON 2017, that of Humanitarian Challenge track at R10 HTC 2017, that of Biomedical Engineering track at IEEE WIECON-ECE 2016, and the best interactive poster award at icIVPR 2017.

 Her paper has been selected for top ten best paper award in the Student Paper Contest of the 2014 IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems (MWSCAS), College Station, Texas, USA. She has received an award for supervising the 1st Prize winning project in Computer Group in the EEE Undergraduate Project Workshop (EUProW 2011), BUET, Bangladesh. Her paper was also selected for top ten best paper award in the Student Paper Contest of the 2008 IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems (MWSCAS), Knoxville, TN, USA. She was the winner of the Best Student Paper Award in the 2008 IEEE International Conference on Neural Networks and Signal Processing (ICNNSP), Zhenjiang, China. She was selected as one of the finalists of the Student Research Presentation Competition in the 2009 SYTACOM Workshop, Montreal, QC, Canada. Her research interests include the areas of speech analysis, speech enhancement, multimodal emotion recognition, digital watermarking, audio-visual recognition for biometric security, multimedia communication, control system, robotics, signal processing, pattern recognition and machine learning for audio, video, biomedical and power signals. She is 2018-19 Member, Technical Committee, Image, Video, and Multimedia (IVM), APSIPA and 2018 Editorial board member, IET Signal Processing.

She has been appointed as 2017-19 IEEE PES Women in Power (WiP) Region 10 Regional Representative, 2017 and 2019 Communications Chair, IEEE SIGHT steering committee, 2017-18 Chair, IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Workshops Subcommittee and, and 2017 member, IEEE SSIT WIE and SIT subcommittees. In 2016, she has served as committee member of Special event subcommittee and that of Women in Leadership Collabratec Community of IEEE global /MGA WIE.  She served as the IEEE Region 10 (Asia-Pacific) WIE Coordinator 2016, the first Bangladeshi to occupy such a coordinator position in R10. In 2017-18, she has served as IEEE R10 Subcommittees (WIE, and Education). She started contributing to IEEE Region 10 as Region 10 WIE webmaster in 2014. She has served as a member of IEEE Region 10 WIE subcommittee and also as a representative of IEEE Region 10 WIE volunteer committee in 2015.  She has also served as R10 Humanitarian Technology Activity (HTA) subcommittee in 2017. She was a Jury member of IEEE Young Engineers Humanitarian (AIYEHUM) Challenge 2017 and a member of the jury coordination team in All IEEE Young Engineers Humanitarian (AIYEHUM) Challenge 2015 organized by the IEEE Region 10.

She is now serving as the 2018-19 Chair of IEEE Bangladesh Section, where she had served as 2017 Vice-Chair (activity), Chair, Membership Development (2012-13). She has led and won the bid of holding IEEE Region 10 TENSYMP 2020, a flagship conference of IEEE Asia Pacific region (10) in IEEE Bangladesh Section, the largest technical event in 26 years of history and serving as the General Chair of TENSYMP 2020. Under her leadership, IEEE Bangladesh Section has won 2018 IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) outstanding large section award, the highest achievement for a section.

She is also the founder and coordinator of FLASH, a special interest group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) in IEEE Bangladesh Section. In 2018, in order to ensure clean water for Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh, she has conceptualized the project “Bringing Life Back to Rohingya” as a primary applicant and received acceptance of fund from IEEE Humanitarian Activity Committee (HAC) in a phased approach. She was the General Chair, IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit Dhaka 2018 and General Chair of Humanitarian Project Competition -2018 that won IEEE HAC event funds. She was the General Co-Chair, IEEE R10 Humanitarian technology conference (HTC) 2017.  She has served as a mentor and program Chair of International Humanitarian Technology Project Competition (IHTPC) and eleven Parallel tracks to inspire humanitarian technologies for students, WIE, YP, entrepreneurs, Industry people etc. during R10 HTC 2017. She has served as lead/co-lead of several humanitarian technologies based projects for deaf, dumb, blind people and autistic children.

She is the Founding Chair of WIE Affinity Group, IEEE Bangladesh Section and contributed to the amazing growth of the group as the Chair till 2015 for which she is currently acting as an advisor and Chair, Nominations and Appointments. She has led forming more than 16 WIE Student branches (SBs) in IEEE Bangladesh Section.  She has served as Chair of WIE track IEEE ANZSCON 2017and Chair of WIE panel ISTAS 2017. She was a Brief Session Speaker in IEEE Sections Congress 2017.She has served as the Co-chair in IEEE WIE Global Summit 2016 at Bangalore as well as the program Chair. She has also served as the program Chair of WIE track in IEEE R10 students/Young Professionals/Women in Engineering/Life Member congress 2016 at Bangalore. She was the founder and Technical Program Chair of IEEE WIECON-ECE 2015, the General Chair of IEEE WIECON-ECE 2016, IEEE WIECON-ECE 2018, IEEE WIECON-ECE 2019, general Co-chair of IEEE WIECON-ECE 2017.  She is the founder/organizer of IEEE Signal Processing (SPS) and IEEE Industrial Applications (IAS) societies of Bangladesh Chapters.

She has also co-founded/co-organized IEEE Robotics and Automation society (RAS) and IEEE society on social implications on technology (SSIT) Bangladesh chapters.  She is the founder and General Chair/technical Program Chair of five collocated IEEE Technical society/area specific conferences in 2019, Such as SPS, Engineering Medicine and biology (EMBS), RAS, IAS and SSIT, an initiative for the first time in IEEE Bangladesh Section.

Recently, she has been selected as the recipient of 2016 IEEE MGA Leadership award with citation “For leadership in engineering and technology driven innovative IEEE Women in Engineering activities for enhanced membership development and engagement in Region 10 and across the globe”. She is also the recipient of 2015 WIE Inspiring Member Award from IEEE global WIE. Under her leadership, WIE BD AG has received 2015 WIE Affinity group of the year award-honorable mention from IEEE global WIE. She is the winner of 2013 IEEE Region 10 WIE Professional Volunteer award.  She is serving as an advisor of the WIE BD AG and BUET WIE SB AG. Under her advisory role, WIE BD AG also has won 2016 R10 section WIE AG of the year award for its 2015 activities and 2017 WIE AG of the year award for 2016 activities from global IEEE WIE. BUET WIE SB has won WIE SB AG of the year award-honorable mention from global IEEE WIE, 2018 R10 WIE SB AG of the year award, 2019 WIE SB AG of the year award from global IEEE WIE.  

Session: Empowering Special Needs Young Adults

Arisma ( Akademi Remaja Islam Austisma) terletak di Ukay Perdana, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Arisma adalah sebuah badan NGO yang komited dalam membantu remaja austisma untuk memperkasan kehidupan mereka seperti insan-insan yang lain disamping memberi sokongan, bimbingan dan pendedahan kepada keluarga mereka.

 Arisma yang ditubuhkan pada 2013, kini mempunyai lebih 20 kanak-kanak remaja istimewa berumur diantara 13-18 tahun yang mendapat latihan kendiri serta kemahiran sosial seperti menjahit, memuat kek, berkebun, menjaga kaunter dan sebagainya.

Session: UTM MySIGHT Rural Technology

Shamsul Sarip is an academic staff of Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. He received Diploma of Mechanical Engineering in 1995, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in 1998, and Master of Mechanical Engineering in 2002 from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He then obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Bradford, United Kingdom in 2012. He has been involved in the area of engineering design including lightweight disc brake, micro hydro turbine, ram pump, marine current turbine and product development. He also involved in university motor sport activities which required him to expand the knowledge to finite element analysis, heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics and structure analysis. In addition, he is also active in community social responsibility activities. His first project was to provide electricity to the Orang Asli by building a micro-power plant at Kampung Sungai Kejar Royal Belum. The next project is to supply clean water using the Ram Pump to the residents of Kampung Sungai Tiang Royal Belum Gerik Perak. 

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